E-Waste Recycling

E-Waste recycling
Recycling your e-waste, also known as electronic waste, is just as important as recycling any other waste material. Spreco Recycling is a true end-of-life recycler of electronic waste. Our business model, technologies and processes ensure that maximum recycling, recovery and processing takes place within India.

What is E-Waste?
E-Waste refers to any discarded electronic device or electrical component. e-waste comes in many forms, including computers, photocopies, printers, fax machines, batteries and mobile phones. Electronic waste also includes; wiring, printer cartridges, CDs and DVDs, small appliances and other goods. India disposes of over 100 million kilograms worth of computers and televisions alone each year, and many scrap components can contain elements harmful to the environment, this means that proper electronic waste recycling is necessary for a cleaner, healthier planet.

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Spreco Recycling ?
Spreco Recycling ?

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