E-Waste Refurbishment

It is well said that for a developing country to meet the growing gap between high demand requirement and scarce supply“Always boost reuse than disposal”. To dispose off or give end of life can lead to wastage and paucity of precious metals and the cost incurred on manufacturing especially in case of E-waste. In case of E-waste , some components may be obsolete or of no use to one consumer but cannot be tagged as futile for everyone.

That component can again be given a new birth with little rejuvenation techniques and can turn to be an absolute product for someone else.
Spreco Recycling always go with refurbishment of those E-waste material which could be given a new life before giving end of life to that product. E-waste refurbishment is done using minuscule rejuvenation techniques using R & D activities which are completely environment friendly.

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Spreco Recycling ?
Spreco Recycling ?

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